How to Beat EVERY Style of Tennis Player

Finally, a book that gives proven tactics to use DURING a match without a coach, GUARANTEED!

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On Court Tennis Strategy Book


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The Strategy Booklet is designed to be your on-court coach while you play a match. Learn how to beat EVERY style of player you will ever face. Small enough to keep in your tennis bag, the quick reference index allows you to look up which style of opponent you are playing and easily find 6 or more tactics that are PROVEN to work against that style of player. Play doubles? We got you covered, we gave an entire section on how to beat every type of doubles teams.

In this Book You Will Learn How to Beat…

Singles Players

The Moonballer

The Steady Baseliner

The Runner/Pusher

The All Courter

The Serve and Volleyer

Doubles Teams

Teams that Stay Back

Teams that Poach

Teams that Lob

Australian Formation Teams

1 Up, 1 Back Teams

Bonus Section

Mental Toughness

Quick Tips for Success

Analyzing an Opponent

Your Tennis Calendar

Handling Cheaters

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In today’s power tennis game, Jorge has produced a very innovative and simple to use booklet that should help players of all levels to enjoy this great game even more.
Billie Jean King, Tennis Legend and 20 time Wimbledon Champion
Jorge has produced a simple yet complete guide to tactical coaching and play. The burden of its successful application remains with the coach and/or player to install Jorge’s ideas in the heat of battle.
Nick Bollettieri, Legendary Tennis Coach to Countless Professional Players

Watch 2 Tactics from the Book on How to Beat the Mooonballer.

1) Do a Sneak Attack

2) Serve & Volley More

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